Company structure

As a group of young, dynamic, enthusiastic and experienced experts, VLand can offer the most suitable advices and strategies for your projects.

Business Development

As the role of a connection between investor and each department of VLand. The project development team is highly qualified, enthusiastic and rich in knowledge. With their role, project developers will help the working process of investors with VLand become easier and faster.

Sales Department

Our sales department is divided into 4 teams to manage different sales agents projects, continuously improving knowledge about the market to offer the best sales strategy, how to effectively manage the sales agents. Moreover, manage and supervise agents’ sales process will ensure each project reaches the maximum efficiency as committed to investor.

Sau khi thấu hiểu về thị trường, cạnh tranh và sản phẩm dự án, VLand sẽ tổng hợp và đưa ra bảng Phân tích SWOT các điểm mạnh, điểm yếu, cơ hội và thách thức đối với dự án.

The legal department at VLand are excellent lawyers with a deep understanding on specialized field. Therefore, with the advices of the Legal department, the projects can avoid risks in the sales process, contributing to creating a quality product, control the interests of both the Investor and customers.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting department helps investors to create the accurate policies on prices, cash flow and support on the working process with banks … and give investors advice to optimize profits and cash flow.

Communication and Branding

In that current competitive market, communication and branding take a very important role in the success of the project, VLand always pays special attention to the Marcom plan. With a professional team that have created loads of successfully brand strategies, VLand surely can offer customers an impressive strategy to achieve the business goals.

Procedures Department

As an important role of connecting companies and customers, the Procedures Department supports customers to create contracts, manage purchasing documents and advice customers after signing. The Procedures department offers a team of experienced, well-trained and professional people, promises to bring the best experience on the purchasing process.

Product Development

The product department at VLand offers a team of experienced architects that have made remarkable achievements in the fields of planning, construction and interior architecture. At VLand, architects play an important role in consulting and evaluating products, helping developers adjust their projects to suit the tastes and trends of the market, contributing to bringing customers a perfect living space called “home”.

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