Sale management

VLand will perform two main tasks on the sales progress: regulating and managing agents to ensure optimal business results according to the plan. Including:

a. Regulatory:

• Regulating the market: Creating market trend, creating scarcity to increase demand of products by regulating the amount of goods on the market;

• Regulating the Marketing deployment;

• Regulation of sales reward;

• Supplementary adjustment / replacement of insurance policy;

• Adjusting the price increase to stimulate demand.

b. Agent management: Along with the market regulation, the management of sales agents is considered as a key factor, because the sales specialists of each agent are also the representatives of the products. Therefore, in the sales process, VLand will focus on the training process and test knowledge regularly, to ensure that sales agents are qualified. On the other hand, VLand will assign sales targets, control the implementation of sales targets and control marketing channels of the agents to ensure content & media messages are in complience with the project’s marketing guideline.

Marketing & communication

Based on the brand’s positioning, marketing strategy and communication plan of the project, VLand will implement, manage marketing budget to ensure getting the best result. Marketing activities we can offer range from film, 3d renders, sales document design, event planning, advertising, PR …

Pricing policy & management

Based on the requirements of the price and the sales progress, VLand will proposes a suitable business plan with a detailed price list for each product according to product type, view, direction, area, special categories, … Moreover, policies and costs will be proposed to apply according to each stage and market movements to stimulate demand, but ensure not to affect the interests of the Investor.

Contract, customer care
& debt management

During the sales implementation, VLand provides service to assist customers to sign sales contracts and other documents with the Investor. VLand also makes periodic contractual data report to the Investor, on behalf of the Investor to answer customer queries and complaints related to the content of the Contract, the Owner’s policy. In addition, after customers sign a sales contract, VLand also supports tracking debts and reminds customers when they go to payment stages according to the contract progress.

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