In order to optimize the suitability of the product with the needs of the target customers, the sales strategy and the development orientation of the project, VLand will base on the research results to advise and propose the best solutions.

To effectively implement sales, VLAND will advise Investors on the structure and sales strategy of the Project, including:



Depend on economy, polities, brand of investor and market to propose sale structure (sales before foundation/after foundation; consumption covering/ whole sale/ retail sale via agency, etc.)



Depend on market analysis, competitive partner, internal analysis to propose sales divergence to serve providing appropriate investment divergence, avoid spreading investment that does not bring economic efficiency



Create a strategy of selling prices and overall sales policies in line with market conditions, products and investors’ orientation.

Product Consulting

From our perspective and experiences, Vland will advise investors in the product development process. In particular, depending on the needs of the investor, VLand can evaluate and consult for the project from the 1/500 master plan stage to the detailed stages of architectural plans, apartment layout / layout / samples housse and landscape design, utilities.

In addition, VLand also advises investors about the 3D concept design for house/ apartment and public areas that are aesthetic and suitable for tastes and market trends

Legal Consulting

VLand will provide legal advices for the project, including:

  1. Legal advice for the Project, sales structure, issue of structure, product type
  2. Consult the sample of transaction documents with customers
Financial Consulting & Support

VLand advises and assists investors to work with the project’s retail lending bank on products/ processes/ ways of implementation and coordination.

  1. Advice on banking products and and based on experience/ number of projects being implemented to support investors to negotiate the best level
  2. Supporting the working process between the investors and the banks
  3. Supporting investors to review contracts and forms signed with the banks
  4. Supporting investors on the working process with the banks
Brand & Marcom Consulting

Based on the research about the market, products and customers, VLand will recommend the most appropriate branding strategies, marketing and communications plan to ensure effective sales promotion:

  • Creating the branding strategy for the project
  • Creating the Marketing and Communication strategy;
  • Develop the detailed Marketing plan and budget for each campaign;
  • Budget management and implement Marketing activities
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