As a Sales Management Consulting agency, VLand believes that research is an important foundation to create a successful business strategy. Because the more we understanding the customers, the market and products, the more quality solutions we can offer! Moreover, with our professional and experienced team and the connection with thousands of partners, we can provide the most accurate overview about the market, competitors and customers for your project.
Market Research

When approaching each project, VLand will start an overview research of the region (geographical location, population, economic conditions, economic structure, foreign direct investment, retail revenue – service), consumer price index (CPI), or tourism …). Base on that detailed information, the Investor and VLand will together decide the accurate direction to implement the next steps in the strategy.

Likewise, the local real estate market/ segments are also indeed important. Because understanding the market is the key to find the right direction and appropriate solutions for the development of the project. Through in-depth market research, VLand can evaluate and give the comprehensive solutions for the project.

Product Research
  • Location analysis
    For customers, location is always a top prerequisite. Therefore, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the project are an indispensable part. In-depth studies about the project location (including info about current and future transportation systems) will help investors and VLand assess the project’s competitive advantages.
  • Competitive analysis and comparison
    When analyzing about the market, VLand will compare the Research Project with at least 3-5 competitive projects according to the following criteria: location, scale & composition, investor, opening time, business analysis (sales/ occupancy rate) or buyers / tenants, services management system.
  • SWOT Analysis After getting the deep under
    standing on the market, competitors and product, VLand will create a SWOT Analysis (analyze on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges) of  the project, in order to give the most suitable advices about the development orientation, scale and product structure, time of implementation.
Financial Research

To evaluate the feasibility of the project, VLand will conduct financial analysis for the project to offer the appropriate advices to solve the project’s financial problems, contributing to the benefits of investors.

  •  Financial analysisThe Financial Analysis section will determine the payback period, internal rate of return for the Research Project. The analysis includes the following results: Revenue and operating expenses; Estimated cash flow; Internal recovery rate (IRR), net present value of the project (NPV) Payback period.
  • Financial resultsFinancial results will be calculated based on price level and expected performance according to VLand’s assessment. Other assumptions (price increase, occupancy rate, etc.) will be evaluated by VLand. Development assumptions (cost of construction, construction ratio, unit structure, height of the building, etc.) will be provided by Customers; or VLand estimates and evaluate based on such preliminary data and experiences.
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