Mipec City View
Shophouses & Shopvillas

Following the resounding success of the high-rise subdivision, Vland continues to deploy a combination of 53 Shophouses and Shopvillas of the low-rise subdivision.

Success comes from
The right strategy

VLand identified the outstanding benefit of the project is the existing resident community from high-rise apartment buildings, where there is great potential for commercial and service activities. Therefore, VLand proposed adjusting the low-rise segment from townhouses and villas to a commercial housing type of Shophouses and Shopvillas.

With the right strategic step and great profit potential, the project quickly became the most sought-after investments in the local real estate market.

MP PV 3 Biethu Tammat Fr9

Project information

– Investor: Military Petrochemical Joint Stock Company (Mipec)

– Location: Kien Hung, Ha Dong, Hanoi

– Scale: 53 Shophouses and Shopvillas

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